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Zoë Fox, Kanada

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Zoë Fox, Kanada

Ihr Kühlschrank steht im Garten und ihr Name steht in T-Shirts – Wir stellen vor: Zoë Fox, wohnhaft auf Salt Spring Island, Britisch Kolumbien, Kanada.

Wenn es nach Zoë gehen würde, dann würde sie in ihrem Laden „Thrive Lifestyle“ {www.thrivelifestyle.ca} ausschließlich schwarze Klamotten verkaufen. „Aber das bringt am Ende des Tages nicht genug Geld und so gehe ich gewisse Kompromisse ein“, grinst sie, und sortiert gleichzeitig die bei einer anderen kanadischen Designerin bestellten und gerade angelieferten handbemalten Taschen aus. Für so viel Farbe (Anmerkung: es ist ein Hauch von Rot vom Sonnenuntergang über dem Meer zu sehen!) sei in ihrem Laden einfach keinen Platz.

Zoë wohnte noch vor einigen Wochen mit ihrem Partner, den Kindern und einer Katze in einem Airstream Wohnwagen – vor kurzem wurde ein Haus gekauft, des Platzes wegen, denn ihr Freund Dan bringt drei Kinder aus erster Ehe mit. Sie hat eine enorme Kreativität, klare Augen – und mehrere Nähmaschinen, mit denen sie die neuen Vorhänge für unseren Campervan WILMA geschneidert hat. Sie ist in einem Baumhaus aufgewachsen und besitzt schon mit Mitte 20 ein eigenes Modelabel. Sie beeindruckt uns besonders mit der Tatsache, dass sie trotz zweier Kinder außerordentlich minimalistisch lebt. Wenig Raum, wenige Dinge, und ja, wenige Farben.



She would love to sell only black clothes in her store (www.thrivelifestyle.ca), „but at the end of the day I have to pay my bills and so I find compromises“, Zoë says grinning and at the same time sorts out some hand painted canvas bags of a befriended designer from Vancouver Island. Every piece is a one of a kind – with more or less color, and Zoë only wants the ones with LESS color in her store – that would be the compromise, after all.

Zoë grew up in a tree house in California, has her own clothing line in her mid twenties where she focuses on selling sustainable fashion from Canada and inspires us with her spirit of simplicity. She lived with her partner, her kids and her cat in an Airstream on Salt Spring Island until recently – now they are all living in a house under one roof with even more kid’s from her partners‘ previous marriage. She’s got enormous creativity, clear eyes – and a couple of sewing machines which are very helpful for us since we need new curtains for our campervan WILMA. Zoë likes little space, she likes to own only little and yes, she likes less colors, too.

Thank you for becoming a friend, for inspiring us and for sewing us the coolest curtains we could ever imagine.


How does it feel like to live on an island that attracts a lot of tourists in the summer time?

It’s actually really exciting, all Summer i get to express my love for this island. I find it challenging to have such extremes in business however. I wouldn’t mind a more steady stream of customers year round. I’ve learnt to change gears though, most of my creative time is in the off season.

What makes Salt Spring Island unique (as a place to live)?

First its the slow pace and relaxed energy that everyone seems to carry around. Then it’s the connection to my community that came so naturally. I have described Salt Spring as a place where i feel hugged. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine but whenever i have to venture off the island and return, i’m reminded that this place feels like home. I’ve always lived on the West Coast, California, Victoria, and then here. I forget how beautiful it is.

Describe a travel moment that makes you happy.

I think it’s just the acknowledgement that i’m being adventurous. I am pretty tied to my business and my family but when i do venture off or think about my travels during my youth it gives me a spark. We get so use to our bubble, it’s important to see the world and all the ways of living and unique cultures, i think it helps your heart grow.

Why do you only sell responsibly made products?

It seems so obvious to me that we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt or the planet to be destroyed so we can have a t-shirt. It’s more then that though because the idea really came from being a designer and maker myself. I believe that objects can carry energy from where they came from. It feels better to me to support people who made products with love and consciousness. There’s a wide spectrum of ethically made products, it could be as simple as sweatshop free or it couldn’t be a local company hand making with sustainable materials. I do my best to offer affordable products so customers realize the option is there for them to support the responsible production of goods. I also like the idea of capsule wardrobe and minimalistic home decor, its a fine balance between sharing my lifestyle and operating a business that requires sales.

Name three things you like to take with you when you travel.

My iPhone which of course is the only way i can leave my business because this tiny computer in my pocket is so capable of keeping me connected, it’s endless entertainment, and its my camera. My journal which is where i jot down ideas, keep my never ending list of to-dos, and i keep tidbits of information all in one place. Then my Vienage Meterite weekender bag which is the perfect size for my clothing and toiletries and looks great for any occasion. Actually i have to add one more, my partner! I would absolutely travel without him but i don’t WANT to.

Simplicity plays an important role in your life. Why is less more?

I want the least amount of stress in my life possible. It frees my mind and body to just let everything go and play with my kids or meet up with a friend. So i practice this in all aspects of my life. Less stuff to organize, replace, or carry: More freedom. Less space to clean, pay for, or furnish: More time. I’ve been living in an Airstream Trailer for a couple years now and it’s been amazing! We are outside so much more, i have very little to maintain, overhead is less, we all have more joy in our lives now. I do plan on having a ‚real‘ home one day but will 100% take with me the things i learn while living in a small space.

What’s your favorite dish (we’d love the recipe!)?

I love pizza! And i love it even more these days because my kids will eat it too. I let them make a personal size each and then i make a large one for my partner and i. Best of all i usually have these ingredients lying around. and of course the possibilities are endless, i’ve used left over cooked yams, sautéed kale and mushrooms, etc

pizza dough recipe:

3 1/2 cups flour (unbleached or whole wheat or a mixture 2 tsp active dry yeast 1 1/2 cup hot vegetable broth Mix in a mixer or by hand until its dough consistency, add flower if it’s sticking to your fingers. You can cover with a tea towel and allow to rise for up to 2 hours for thick and fluffy or roll out immediately for thin crust. Divide the ball in 2 and roll out on a floured surface Add toppings then bake @425 for 15 mins then broil for 3 mins

My favourite toppings are:

-Tomato sauce, salami, spinach, artichoke hearts, whole cherry tomatoes, with mozzarella and cheddar cheese

-Pesto, chicken, caramelized onions, with mozzarella and cheddar cheese